"Christian, you have been the best, most calming part of the entire home buying process. I really appreciated your expertise and guidance." Erich Feb. 2019

"Thank you for all your hard work and insight in helping us to purchase our dream home! We love it and working with you." Jess and Clint Feb. 2019

"It was my first purchase in San Francisco and I was nervous, but Christian was great at explaining all the details and putting me at ease. I was so happy to find something so quickly and the transaction went very smoothly. THANK YOU Christian!! - Casey N. Nov. 2018)

"We bought our home from Christian and when it came time to make a change, we sought out Christian to sell it because we trusted him. He was able to also find us the perfect new home. Thank you for all your hard work, it paid off. " Chris and Salvador Nov. 2018

"...thank you again for all your hard work...After 4 states, attempted closing on 5 properties, closed on 3, I can most definitively tell you that realtors in California are far superior to realtor in other parts of the country. Especially realtors in San Francisco and most especially you!" L.C. August 2018

"We sold another home with Christian and he helped us get the property ready for sale with a long list of painters and others, we prepared the house with his keen advise on styles and trends for buyers. We got amazing results that yielded a very high selling price in the end. We are very happy with his expertise, again. Todd- Sept. 2018.

"Christian was our neighbor and as we prepared to buy our first home in San Francisco, he was invaluable in helping us navigate the difficult buying market.  Through his careful guidance and advice, we found a wonderful family home. Excellent JOB!"  Michelle and AJ. Jan 2018.

“ You are the best Christian. You handled our remodel and marketed the house so expertly. We were overwhelmed at the offers and sale’s price, we couldn’t have done it without you!”- Michele and Tom (November 2017)


“Thank you again, you did an excellent job from start to finish and helped ease the stress of the process. I always felt I was in competent hands. I couldn’t be happier with the results! I am having a drink tonight to celebrate….LOL.”-Joseph S. (October 2017)


“Thank you for helping us to become familiar with the neighborhoods of San Francisco and in helping us to determine which area would best suit our lifestyle. We found the perfect home and look forward to our new home and exploring the city!” -Shara and Rajesh (October 2017)

“You made selling our childhood home an absolute seamless process; from the renovations to all your helpful advice on contractors and finishes. We are BEYOND IMPRESSED with all that you did to help us and will always think of you when someone asks for a great realtor to work with.”- Gary G. (September 2017)


“After helping us find an apartment when we moved to San Francisco, you were the first person we thought of when we decided to buy a home. You have been incredibly helpful and we appreciate all your knowledge and insight from living in San Francisco for decades.”

Katie and Thomas (August 2017)

“Thank you Christian, you have done an outstanding job. I truly appreciate all you did to help us with the sale” -Lisa N. (July 2017)

“We set a new sales price record in the neighborhood, good job Christian!”- Lucia (June 2017)

“We are very pleased with the results you got in selling our home, you handled the difficult “bumps” and guided us with total confidence. THANK YOU for everything you do!” – Per and Erin (April 2017)


“ I very much appreciated working with you. You were spot-on the right person for the job…..I won’t hesitate to refer you in the future if someone ever asks me for a referral and I’ll talk up how great the process was to anyone that will listen.”-Cristina and Chris L. (Feb. 2017)


”It was easily the best realtor interaction we have had to date---your expertise in the area and the authentic nature of your personality made it such a pleasure working with you. We will gladly make referrals!”

- Chris & Susan P. (Oct. 13, 2016)


“Yay, smooth, professional, and fast. You really took care of us well-and a ton of it digitally. Kudos. Really enjoyed the process.”

-Nancy & Shiv R. (Oct. 28, 2016)


“We were fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of Christian Buckley and select him to represent us in selling our house. We have bought and sold several houses in the past but Christian was the most helpful of all the realtors we have used. Throughout the entire process he was supportive and accessible when we had any questions. The end result was a quick sale at a price we were very satisfied with. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone contemplating selling or buying a house.”

-LaVaughn & Ted C. (Nov. 4, 2016)